Out-of-State Car Accident Case Results in Favorable Verdict

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A man from the West Coast was working as a promoter. He traveled for work all the time, and he was in Alexandria briefly for an event. While in Alexandria, he was driving near a local high school as an event let out and was rear-ended by a vehicle driven by a young man. Although it was a low-impact accident, the man did sustain injuries to his neck, head, shoulder, and foot.

Out-of-State Accident Case Complicated by Multiple Factors

After the accident, the man didn’t go to the emergency room right away. Instead, he attempted to keep up with his schedule and went on to work in the next town, where he also did not seek treatment. Instead, the man waited until he returned home to the West Coast and went to an emergency room there. Because of his ongoing travel for work, his treatment for his accident injuries was sporadic. He was in pain and having symptoms, and he did his best to follow the doctor’s orders while maintaining his employment. Under his doctor’s recommendation, more than two years after the accident, he eventually had surgery to help relieve his symptoms.

As he recovered, the man reached out to Attorney Michael Koch for help with his personal injury case. His case against the other driver’s insurance company settled the day before the trial for the policy limits of $15,000. However, the case involving his own underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage would prove more difficult. There were many complications in his case, including prior injuries, the low-impact nature of the accident, the delay in seeking treatment, his treatment for neck pain weeks before the accident, and the allegations that our client pulled out in front of the defendant and caused the accident. Although Mike and the client attempted to negotiate with his insurance company, the client’s case ultimately moved on to a jury trial when the defense refused to offer anything.

Jury Verdict Helps Man Settle Medical Debts for His Accident Injuries

One of the biggest challenges in the case was that the man had been treating with a chiropractor for years prior to the accident for neck problems. The defense argued that his disc injury was not related to the accident, since he had received prior treatment for neck complaints, and refused to pay anything. The defense brought in its own radiologist, who testified in support of that argument. The defense attorneys also brought in an orthopedic surgeon to testify that the man was not hurt. Additionally, the defense argued that our client had pulled out in front of the other driver and was at fault for the accident.

In preparation for the legal proceedings, Mike flew out to the West Coast to take depositions from our client’s doctors. He skillfully prepared all the documentation and evidence and presented it in court while supporting the client’s claims. Although the case was challenging, the outcome was a jury verdict just under $167,500 and the jury found our client free of fault for the accident.

The client was extremely pleased with the outcome, which helped him pay off his bills for medical treatment and put money in his pocket. Mike was also pleased with the outcome and was happy to have helped.

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$167,500 Jury Verdict

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