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Were you or a loved one seriously injured in an accident? If so, our experienced Louisiana accident injury lawyers may be able to help. But you have to contact us right away. Learn more about our law firm and the types of accident injury cases we represent below.

Louisiana Truck Accident Injury Lawyers

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Skilled & Experienced Louisiana Truck Accident Injury Lawyers

Our law firm has handled commercial truck accident injury cases for over 40 years. From big rig and tractor trailer cases to 18-wheelers and commercial vehicles such as FedEx and UPS trucks, we know how to get you paid after suffering an injury. Learn more about our Louisiana truck accident injury attorneys below.

Louisiana Truck Accident Attorneys

An Aggressive Legal Team That Handles Large Truck Accident Lawsuits

Large Truck accidents are a serious and common occurrence in Louisiana and our aggressive truck accident lawyers completely understand that. Our lawyers have worked on numerous commercial vehicle accident cases over the years. With our experience, we know exactly how commercial truck companies will defend themselves. Please get in touch with us as soon as you’re able to if you or a loved was injured by a large commercial truck.

Big Rig, Tractor Trailer, 18-Wheeler, and Other Truck Accident Injury Cases

Just how common is a commercial truck accident in Louisiana? In 2016, the state had 69 fatalities involving tractor trailers with three axles or more, trucks with trailers, double trucks, and semi-trucks. The state also recorded 1,368 cases of personal injury. These statistics reveal the serious threat to public health posed by commercial trucks on highways and city streets. These accident happen too frequently across the state and if justice is served it can prevent future accidents.

A Law Firm That Has Recovered Serious Amounts of Compensation for Accident Victims

If you were injured in a truck accident it is imperative that you have legal representation from a qualified firm with a track record of successful claims and verdicts. We have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients. Our record of positive case outcomes has helped our law firm become a highly respected Louisiana personal injury law firm. We serve cities throughout Louisiana including Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Lake Charles, New Orleans, Monroe, Lafayette, and the surrounding communities.

How We Investigate Negligent Truck Drivers

Large vehicle wrecks can be complex cases and will require some serious unbiased investigation. The first step in the investigation is to find out exactly what happened and what is being reported by both parties. This investigation is undertaken by both state and federal agencies since injuries from a truck accident can be often times very serious. Situations that can contribute to a serious or deadly truck accident including the following:

Adverse weather conditions Faulty or defective tires, brakes or other systems
Tired driver Unevenly loaded truck
Human error Overloaded truck
Drunk or drug intoxicated driver Loose cargo falling to roadway
Speeding Overturn
Aggressive driving Jackknife
Distracted driving Rollover
Driver violating Truck manufacturing design flaws
Faulty truck parts Others

A truck accident may involve multiple vehicles and several fatalities or serious injuries. The process of recovering compensation can be lengthy, as several liable parties may be identified during the investigation.

The causes of the truck crash may also be in dispute. While one case may be related to a failure of a truck part or system, another could be the result of a driver who has not adhered to federal regulations regarding hours spent behind the wheel and who is impaired through lack of sleep. Others could involve the company that loaded the truck. It is vital that every possible liable party is identified. We have a great insight in how to correctly pursue the maximum possible in compensation from any liable party.

Our Truck Accident Lawyers

Not sure what to expect when you call our law firm?  Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll get if your case is accepted:

Dedication – We want to win your case more than you probably do. We know to win we have to dedicate ourselves to your case.


Experience – As we talk about your case to you or to a court our experience will shine. We know the questions they will ask. We can identify the challenges our team will have to go through to win the case.

Compassion – We know this is a really difficult time in your life. These are not little accidents. They’re life-changing. Although we show the majority of our compassion in the courtroom when we fight for your compensation – we really do show the respect that our clients deserve.

Reputation – We don’t like to let clients down. We understand that it hurts our reputation. This is why we focus on the highest possible payouts in case. We see the value of the lawsuit and we go after it!

Our Truck Accident Attorneys Cover Cases All Over The State

After a serious or life-threatening injury, it can be impossible to make an appointment and come to our offices in Alexandria. We make it as easy as possible for you. One of our team members can come to you in the hospital, at home, or another location. Our cases are taken on a contingency fee basis and there is no need for you to pay upfront; we don’t charge legal fees unless we win for you.

Contact us now for assistance. We are ready to move into action for you and to protect your right to the compensation you deserve after a truck accident. The earlier we get involved, the better it could be for your case. We urge you to connect with us as soon as possible after the accident. Call (318) 561-2500 today.

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