Man Compensated for Injuries After 18-Wheeler Accident

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Our client—a retired, elderly gentleman—was driving on a roadway near the exit ramp for an interstate highway, traveling north using the inside lane. A truck merged off the highway from the exit ramp, declined to stop at the yield sign at the exit, and entered the outside northbound lane of the roadway. The truck driver then attempted to merge into the inside lane, where our client was traveling, to make a turn into a truck stop. Our client saw the truck pull into the lane in front of him but did not have time to stop before the vehicles collided. The police responded to the accident, and the truck driver was cited for improper lane change. Our client was transported to the hospital for treatment.

At the hospital, the doctors discovered that the client suffered a serious neck injury in the accident, which was causing pain and limitation. Our client received medical treatment for his neck injury and eventually needed neck surgery which brought him some relief.

Neblett, Beard & Arsenault Helps Man Recover After Truck Accident

The client contacted Attorney William Neblett shortly after the accident for help recovering compensation for his injuries and expenses. William talked with the client and helped him file a personal injury claim. To make sure that the client could get needed medical care, William helped arrange for Medicare to pay the client’s medical bills while his case against the trucking company’s insurance company was ongoing. He reassured the client as his case moved through the legal process and made sure the client was prepared for each step.

Personal injury cases against trucking companies can be very complicated, and our client’s case was additionally complicated by an unrelated intervening injury after his initial injuries in the truck accident. Although the trucking company disputed its liability and attempted to blame the client for the accident and his injuries, William presented facts and evidence to support the client’s claims. William also supported the client’s injury claims with testimony from the client’s doctor. The client’s case ultimately settled for $234,000, and the client was thankful for William’s help and guidance through a difficult time.

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