Young Man Awarded Disability Benefits for Crohn’s Disease

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Our client, a 24-year-old man, had struggled with severe symptoms of Crohn’s disease since early adolescence. Over time, his doctors tried numerous medications and treatments to bring him relief, including intravenous Remicade and bowel surgery. None of the treatments were effective in alleviating his symptoms. The severity of the Crohn’s disease and its complications made the client’s life difficult, and he was often too ill to perform daily tasks.

Successful Appeal After Denial of Social Security Disability Benefits

To make ends meet while he was undergoing treatment, the client filed for Social Security (SS) disability benefits. However, his application was denied. He contacted Attorney Barbara Mixon for help with an appeal.

The client was very thin and appeared severely ill when he came to talk with Barbara. She could clearly see that he was in pressing need of help and legal representation. She assured him that he had a strong case, agreed to accept him as a client, and began pursuing an appeal on his behalf. As she worked through his case, Barbara made sure that the client knew what was happening, and they spoke on the phone multiple times. Barbara also met with the client in person to help prepare him for the appeals hearing. Together, they walked through a “trial run,” so he would know what to expect. The regular contact and personal support from Barbara helped ease the client’s mind as the hearing date approached.

At the hearing, the client was so weak and ill that his partner had to physically support him and carry him into the courtroom. Although the client’s challenges made the hearing difficult for him, he spoke in front of the judge and had Barbara’s support at every step. To the client’s relief, the hearing ultimately resulted in a favorable social security disability benefits decision. He would now be eligible for ongoing benefits, access to healthcare, and payment of past-due benefits. The client and his family were thankful for Barbara’s help.

Parents Memorialize Their Son and Benefit Crohn’s Disease Research

Unfortunately, the young man died just a few months after the hearing. His parents visited Barbara to inform her. As they talked, she advised them that they were entitled to their son’s past-due benefits payment. His parents had been unaware, and they were initially hesitant to claim the money. However, they ultimately decided to accept and use the funds to memorialize their son. With their son’s past-due benefit, they were able to sponsor a golf tournament in his honor and raise funds for Crohn’s disease research.

SS disability benefits are an important relief for people who meet the system’s requirements. Unfortunately, many applications are initially denied and must be pursued through appeals. If you have questions about a denied SS disability application contact us online or call us directly at 318.541.8188 to talk about your rights.


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