Workers’ Compensation Case Settled for Injured Farm Employee

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A 52-year-old man was working on a farm as a mechanic. As he was carrying material across the farmyard one day, his foot caught in a hole. In trying to keep himself from falling, his body jerked and twisted, which tore his shoulder and injured his right arm.

Although the accident only took a moment, he was very severely injured. He was unable to return to work and began receiving workers’ compensation benefits. He followed up with ongoing medical treatment for his injuries, including surgery, mental health treatment, pain management, and physical therapy. At his maximum medical improvement, he was still limited in movement and had ongoing symptoms in his arm and shoulder. His injuries meant that he was unable to do many of the things he used to do before, both at work and at home with his family.

Problems With Workers’ Compensation Insurance Prompt Man to Seek Help

As the man worked through his medical treatment, he felt he had to constantly fight to get the care he needed. He struggled with the workers’ compensation insurance company to get approval for ongoing physical therapy visits and other treatments. He also felt that the constant scrutiny under workers’ compensation was an invasion of his privacy and his family’s privacy.

The man decided to reach out to Attorney Edward “Ted” Roberts for help taking control of his workers’ compensation problems. Ted reassured the client and explained his options for getting where he wanted to be. Together, Ted and the client decided to work toward a settlement, which would help provide the client some relief from his troubles.

Settlement Means Client Is Free to Choose His Medical Treatment and Doctors

Ted negotiated skillfully on behalf of the client, and he helped guide the client through the stress of the legal process. At the resolution of his case, the client received a settlement of $160,000, including medical and wage benefits. The settlement meant that the client was free to choose his own medical treatment and doctors, and he was able to regain his family’s privacy. Both Ted and the client were pleased with the result.

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