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On March 28, 2015, a 40-year-old woman was working at a restaurant as a carhop. As she was walking in the kitchen, she slipped and fell by the deep fryer. The fall caused serious injuries to her knee, back, and neck, and she was transported to the hospital for treatment. She underwent two knee surgeries, and her doctors told her that she may need neck surgery in the future.  

After she was hurt, the woman contacted Attorney Edward “Ted” Roberts, of Neblett, Beard & Arsenault, because she wanted an attorney to monitor her workers’ compensation case, explain her options, and ensure she was being treated fairly. Ted immediately went to work to give the client the answers and resources she needed, and he made sure that she was able to see her doctors and get the medical care she deserved.

Settlement Helps Woman Support Her Family After Fall at Work

While the client was out of work, she struggled to support herself and her children. She was in pain and had some ongoing limitations from her injuries. When she was injured, she was only working part-time hours at the restaurant, so workers’ compensation only paid a benefit of $130 per week. The utilities in the woman’s home were turned off, and eventually, she and her children lost their house.

After our client had received all the medical treatment she needed, she chose to pursue a settlement rather than continue to receive small, periodic workers’ compensation payments. Ted collected the documentation and paperwork needed to prepare her case, and he counseled the client through the process—by phone, by email, and face to face. Although the insurance company disputed the cost of her medical care and expenses and only offered $40,000 initially, Ted supported the client’s case with facts, evidence, and skillful legal argument.

In the end, the client’s case was resolved with a $100,000 settlement, and she was relieved by the result. With the workers’ compensation settlement, she could arrange housing and make sure her children’s needs were met. The client was happy to be able to move on with her life, take care of her family, and start the search for a new job. 

Any injury at work can have a dramatic effect on your daily life, and it’s not unusual to feel overwhelmed. Workers’ compensation laws can be complicated, and it isn’t always easy to get the answers you need about your rights. If you would like to talk to an experienced attorney about your workers’ compensation concerns, contact the team at Neblett, Beard & Arsenault today.

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