Woman Gets Medical Care and Housing After Disability Denial

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Our female client, living in uncertain housing and struggling to get the help she needed, had ongoing physical symptoms and pain caused by a compression fracture of the thoracic spine. Doctors had also diagnosed her with an anxiety disorder and depression, and she had been hospitalized with suicidal ideation in the past. The client’s situation prevented her from living independently, so she moved between a safe house, a homeless shelter, and the home of an abusive family member.

As part of her care, a team of social workers was assigned to the client’s case. They met with her four times a week to provide support and help her stabilize. The client understood that Social Security Disability could help her overcome her challenges and improve her life, so she applied for benefits. Her initial application was denied.

Difficult Search for Disability Attorney Ends With Neblett, Beard & Arsenault

After her SS disability application was denied, the client looked to several different attorneys for help. Although she tried, she had trouble finding anyone who was willing to take or pursue her case. Because of her difficulty finding an attorney, she went to her first appeals hearing without representation. At the hearing, the judge told her that it would be in her best interests to find an attorney before proceeding.

The client decided to contact Attorney Barbara Mixon of Neblett Beard & Arsenault just eight days before her next scheduled hearing. A social worker accompanied the client to her first meeting with Barbara and helped explain the client’s history and current challenges. Barbara was moved by the woman’s situation and her continued inability to get help. Barbara believed in the client’s case, and she was very motivated to help her work toward obtaining the benefits she deserved. Barbara submitted a request for the upcoming hearing to be postponed, which was granted, and she went to work preparing the client’s case.

Favorable Decision at Disability Hearing Allows Woman to Move Into Her First Apartment

Barbara worked closely with the client, explaining the legal process and preparing her and the case for the hearing. Barbara skillfully represented and advocated for the client, and a favorable decision was returned on June 28, 2017. With the decision, the client received ongoing SS disability benefits and significant past-due benefits. She also immediately became eligible for Medicare, which would pay for necessary home health care to support her daily activities. The decision also helped her qualify for income-based housing enabling her to move into an apartment of her own for the first time in her life. For the client, the judge’s decision was life changing.

The client was deeply grateful for Barbara’s help, and Barbara was happy to have helped her gain more long-term stability and build a better life. “The real award in this case is knowing that my client was able to attain financial freedom, independent living, and a means to escape the demons of the past.”

Although the process of applying for disability or appealing a denial can seem overwhelming, an experienced attorney can help you make sense of your situation and work toward a better future. If you have questions about your eligibility for SS disability benefits contact us online or call us directly at 318.541.8188 for a free case review.  


Barbara Juneau Mixon
With over 3 decades of experience, Barbara Mixon helps clients with the Social Security Disability process.