Woman Compensated For Severe Neck Injury After Bus Accident

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Our client, a 46-year-old woman, was driving south on a city street. She stopped to make a right-hand turn and left enough room for a school bus approaching the intersection to make a turn. However, the bus driver was distracted while navigating around a parked car, and the bus violently collided into the front end of our client’s vehicle resulting in a car accident.

Extensive Injuries and Symptoms After Bus Accident

Our client had immediate neck and back pain, and she was seen in the emergency room. A CT scan revealed changes at two levels of the neck, and she was diagnosed with neck strain. However, her pain and symptoms increased significantly over time. She saw many doctors and care providers for treatment of extensive symptoms and issues, including:

  • Neck pain radiating into the arm and shoulder
  • Back pain radiating into the leg
  • Headaches
  • Weakness and tingling on the right side
  • Disc protrusion with nerve compression
  • Decreased range of motion

Over time, her pain and symptoms were treated with medication, physical therapy, traction, steroid injections, and other therapies. When those treatments failed to offer lasting relief, her doctor recommended disc replacement surgery.

Woman Gets Needed Neck Surgery and Financial Compensation

The client’s case was referred to Attorney Michael Koch by another attorney who thought that Mike’s skill and experience would be a good fit. Mike talked with the client and began investigating the facts in her case. Mike prepared a strong argument in the client’s favor and also helped connect her with health insurance that would pay for her neck surgery while her case was still in process.

In the end, the client’s disc replacement surgery was a success, and most of her symptoms were completely resolved. She had some remaining issues with neck stiffness and some right-arm weakness but felt much better, overall. With Mike’s help, she received a total settlement of $217,500, which allowed her to pay her extensive medical bills and compensated her for her injuries. Mike was happy the client could have peace of mind and get the medical treatment she needed.

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