Over $1 Million Recovered for Asbestos-Related Lung Cancer

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Our client was a wonderful man who grew up in the River Parishes area and worked for the same company for 40 years. He had two daughters and a wife, a cancer survivor, that he loved very much. He worked hard all his life to take care of his family, and he made sure his daughters were able to get an education and a good start to their adult lives.

Our client was a beloved father, husband, and friend who was known for his incredible love of life. He loved to dance, sing, and entertain his friends and family. He took great pleasure in hosting loved ones in his home, and there would always be cooking, music, and laughter when people came to visit. When his wife tragically began battling cancer again, he stepped into the role of loving caretaker to ensure she had everything she needed.

In his retirement, after a lifetime of labor and love, our client was diagnosed with asbestos-related lung cancer. As his family learned more about the disease and their potential legal rights, they, along with the client, reached out to Attorney Wes Gralapp for help.

Asbestos-Related Lung Cancer Takes Toll on Retired Man and His Family

Asbestos-related lung cancer is different from mesothelioma, but this type of lung cancer can have components of mesothelioma and is often similarly aggressive. While our client was previously very active, enjoying his friends and family and taking care of his wife, his condition quickly deteriorated.

The client had been a smoker and was older when he was diagnosed, so it was very important to meticulously prove his exposure to asbestos along with his medical condition. As we worked through the case, we were able to quickly pinpoint several sources of exposure to asbestos in our client’s history. We continued to thoroughly research other companies that could have been responsible for the client’s asbestos exposure, and we went to great lengths to gather relevant medical records and prepare documentation that showed the client’s lung cancer was related to asbestos exposure. 

“Nothing invokes the fight and vigor we have in us as attorneys more than when we’re fighting for someone who is dying because they worked in unsafe conditions for people who knew about asbestos,” Wes says. “You work harder, and you are more passionate.”

The client’s wife had already been ill for several years, and his own battle with lung cancer was devastating to his family. For a time, our client and his wife were even in the same hospital together, just down the hall from each other. Although their daughters helped care for their parents, our client’s wife had grown very dependent on her husband’s attention and tender loving care through her illness. We spoke personally with the family often and made sure they had all the legal guidance, information, and support we could offer through their difficulties.

Our client had been diagnosed with asbestos-related lung cancer just before Christmas. Tragically, he died before the summer of the following year, leaving behind his wife, his two daughters, and his grandchildren.

Surviving Family Members Recover Settlement in Asbestos Case

We continued to work passionately on the case on behalf of the man’s family. “When you are representing people who are fighting for their lives and who have been able to overcome so much,” Wes says, “there is a lot of drive to get families compensated by companies that deceived, mislead, and didn’t care about the safety of the work environment.”

Ultimately, the case settled in mediation, and the family received over a million dollars in compensation for their loss.

In cases of asbestos-related illness, attorneys often grow close to the clients and families they represent, and this case was no exception for us. “It is an honor and privilege to represent these hard-working people. They are American workers who sacrificed their bodies, time, and lives to make the world better and took pride in their craft and trade. They are the backbone of the country, and they’ve worked in unsafe conditions so the U.S. could thrive.”

The victims of asbestos-related cancer and their families may have the right to recover compensation from manufacturers and employers that knowingly exposed them to asbestos. If you have questions or need help taking the next step, reach out to our experienced attorneys today. 

Over $1 Million

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