Mechanic Settles With Workers’ Comp After Machine Accident

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Our client, a 34-year-old man, was working in a factory as a maintenance mechanic. One day at work, there was an accident as he was repairing a machine. The machine severed parts of several fingers on his left hand, and he was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

As part of his treatment and recovery from his injuries, he had surgery to complete the amputation of his fingers. He followed up with his post-surgical medical treatment and went to physical therapy sessions. Eventually, he was fitted with a prothesis that improved his ability to use his left hand after the amputation.

Client Contacts Us to Help Him Understand the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation System

Two weeks after he was hurt at work, the client contacted Attorney Edward “Ted” Roberts to help monitor his workers’ compensation case. The client came to our law firm because he felt overwhelmed by the workers’ compensation system. He was unsure about what to do and how to accomplish his goals. Ted talked with the client and helped him understand his rights and his options for moving forward.

While receiving workers’ compensation benefits, injured workers are not able to seek new employment. Since the client was very motivated to return to work and tired of dealing with the complexity of the workers’ compensation system, he and Ted decided to work toward a settlement.

$100,000 Workers’ Comp Settlement Means Client Is Free to Seek New Employment

Throughout the process, Ted focused on getting a good result and making sure the client understood what was happening and why. Ted’s extensive knowledge of the workers’ compensation system in Louisiana meant that he was able to prepare the client’s case thoroughly while making the process as easy on the client as possible.

With Ted’s help and expertise, the client’s case ultimately settled for $100,000, including his medical expenses and lost wages. With the settlement, the client was free to look for a suitable job on his own, and he was grateful for Ted’s help in resolving his case.

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