Man Suffers Life-Changing Pain After Rear-End Accident

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One day, a middle-aged man was on his way to do some hunting. Traveling north on a country road, our client was in his pickup truck, which had a horse trailer attached to the back. He came to a stop in the northbound lane, waiting for traffic to clear before making a left-hand turn. Another driver, behind him in the northbound lane, was speeding as she approached and did not yield in time to avoid a collision. As a result, the other driver rear-ended the trailer attached to the man’s pickup, and the man was seriously injured in the impact. 

Accident Exacerbates Prior Injuries and Limits Man’s Daily Activities

The man was treated for the injuries he sustained in the accident, but his medical care was complicated. Right before the accident, he had developed unrelated problems with his neck. He was already off work for those medical issues at the time of the accident. However, the accident exacerbated his prior injuries and added new injuries to be treated.

As he recovered, his doctors determined that he needed cervical fusion surgery, physical therapy, pain management, and other treatments. While the man had previously been able to cope with his symptoms, the additional injuries and exacerbation from the car accident made life much more difficult for him. He experienced a great deal of ongoing pain, and he was unable to do many of the things he had done before the accident. This was very hard on him, especially as a life-long “outdoors guy,” and he had to curtail many activities he loved.

Complicated Accident Case Involving Prior Injuries Settles for $380,000

The man contacted Attorney Michael Koch for help with his legal claims after the accident. Mike remembers meeting with the client for the first time. “When he came to the office,” Mike said, “you could see the pain he was in and that he was having problems.” The man talked with Mike about how the additional pain and injury from the new accident had turned his life upside down. While he felt he had been coping with his neck issues before, the accident had made his daily challenges much worse. Mike sympathized with the man and reassured him that they would work together to pursue the best possible outcome. As the case progressed, Mike spoke with the man often and let him know what to expect next.

The defense initially fought the man’s claims for compensation and minimized his injuries. The defense attorneys pointed to our client’s prior injuries and argued that the accident wasn’t responsible for his medical needs. They argued that his trailer lights were out, contributing to the accident. Mike, having carefully prepared the man’s case, used hard facts and evidence to support his client’s claims. He brought in the man’s doctor to testify through deposition, who was familiar with the man’s medical condition both before and after the accident. The doctor’s testimony and Mike’s explanation of the facts of the man’s case were very convincing.

With Mike’s help in constructing and presenting his claims, the man’s case ultimately settled in his favor for $380,000. The man was relieved to be able to pay off his bills and move on with his life. The settlement would allow him to continue his medical treatment and pain management therapies and cope with the ongoing limitations of his injuries. The man was satisfied with the outcome of his case, and Mike was happy to have helped.

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