Man Settles Workers’ Comp Case After Thumb Amputation

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A 54-year-old forklift operator was at work and performing his duties near a heavy gate. As he tried to reach for something, the gate slammed down on his hand and severed his right thumb. Although he received medical treatment for his injuries, doctors were unable to reattach the digit.

As a result of the accident, the man was unable to grip objects with his right hand. He suffered from pain as he recovered, as well as ongoing phantom pain in the area of the missing thumb. Along with his other doctors, he also saw a mental health specialist as part of his treatment and recovery from the accident.

Injured Forklift Operator Seeks Help With Workers’ Compensation Struggles

The man received workers’ compensation and focused on healing for four months before deciding to reach out to Attorney Edward “Ted” Roberts for help with his case.

When the client contacted Ted, he was ready to move on from the constant struggle of dealing with workers’ compensation. He was tired of all the “red tape” he had to work through to get medical treatment. He was also feeling pressured to return to work before he was ready and take jobs he did not want. Ted listened to the client and helped answer his questions. They discussed options for moving forward, and they started working together to settle the client’s workers’ compensation case and free him from his difficulties with the system. 

$190,000 Settlement Helps Client Move on From Traumatic Work Accident

As Ted negotiated with the workers’ compensation insurance company, he also communicated with the client and helped reassure him. With Ted’s skill and expertise, the client’s case ultimately settled for $190,000, including wage and medical benefits. The client was happy with the result, and Ted was happy he could help him “get rid of workers’ comp.”

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