Man Settles Case After Fall From Truck at Work

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A 46-year-old man was working as a truck driver for a large distributing company. As he was climbing into his truck one day, the truck’s door handle broke and he fell backwards. In the fall, he seriously injured his lower back and left knee. He was seen in the emergency room for his initial treatment, and he saw several doctors in follow up for his injuries.

Neblett, Beard & Arsenault Helps Man Get Medical Treatment and Legal Guidance

The client contacted Attorney Edward “Ted” Roberts a little under a year after the accident for help with his workers’ compensation case. Although he was receiving treatment for his lower back injury, he was having trouble getting treatment for his knee injury. He was still unable to work, struggling with the physical and emotional pain of his situation, and having trouble providing for his wife and children.

The client also had a difficult time being away from work and on workers’ compensation. He was used to leading an active life, and he wanted to be back at work and taking care of his family. However, with his injuries, he was unable to return to the same position with his employer and was restricted to light-to-medium duty.

Ted worked hard to take the burden off the man and his family, and he worked hard to collect evidence and documentation to support his claims. Ted counseled the client through this difficult time and reassured him that a positive outcome was possible. Ted took the necessary steps to get the client the medical treatment he needed and make sure he was being treated fairly by the insurance company.

Workers’ Compensation Settlement Provides Relief for Client and His Family

After all his surgical treatment options were completed, the client decided that he was ready to pursue a settlement, be done with workers’ compensation, and move on with his life. Initially, the workers’ compensation insurance company offered $50,000 to the client in settlement. However, the insurance company ultimately paid a $125,000 settlement.

With Ted’s help, the client was able to get the exact amount of settlement he wanted. The man was able to get treatment for his knee, support his family, and pursue vocational rehabilitation to find a new job. He and his family were thankful for Ted’s help, and Ted was pleased that he could help them get the relief they needed after their lives were changed by the work accident.

After you have been hurt at work, it can be difficult to know what to expect from the process or if your injuries are being taken seriously by the insurance company. If you need help making sense of your rights, don’t hesitate to contact the experienced lawyers of Neblett, Beard & Arsenault for immediate answers. We can be reached by calling 800.256.1050.