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Our client was working on overcoming a difficult period in his life in December of 2014. He was in his mid-30s, and he was staying at a residential treatment facility for addiction and substance abuse. One day, the supervisor at the residential home asked him to help move a washing machine down a flight of stairs on a dolly. Our client was below the washing machine, and another person held the top end. However, the dolly did not have a safety strap on it, which would help to secure the machine and keep it stable. The washing machine slipped off the dolly, falling onto our client and causing him to fall down the last three steps. 

Accident Leaves Victim With Permanent Limitations and Unable to Work

Our client was immediately taken by ambulance to the hospital, where he stayed for three days with fractures to the left ankle and tibia. He had already been struggling through a difficult time, but the accident added a lot of new complications. He had no health insurance, but he was able to follow up with an orthopedist through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs after his release from the hospital. As he recovered, he was unable to work. He was in pain, and his medications had to be carefully monitored. He needed to use a walker for a period of time before he was able to get around on crutches, and he would have to cope with some permanent limitations from the accident.

Neblett, Beard & Arsenault Helps Victim Overcome Challenges and Obtain a Fair Settlement

When our client started to have questions about his rights, a friend referred him to Neblett, Beard & Arsenault for help. Attorney Mike Koch took his case and immediately went to work on his behalf. Our client was in pain and under stress, and he was worried when his claim for compensation was initially denied by the residential home’s insurance company. However, throughout the case, Mike reassured him that it was a good case, and they could win. Mike worked side-by-side with the client and made sure that he was able to get by while he was out of work and struggling. Mike also worked hard to make sure that our client had all the help and support he needed as they worked through the case. Ultimately, the client’s case was settled for $305,000, which helped him move on with his life and get access to the medical care he needed.

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