Man Able to Afford Housing With Social Security Disability

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Our client, a 23-year-old man, was raised in a chaotic household and had largely “fallen through the cracks.” He suffered years of abuse by a family member as a minor, and he struggled with mental health issues and an inability to afford his medications as an adult. He was homeless, and he had been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, mood disorders, schizoaffective personality disorder, and borderline intellectual functioning.

Off his medication, our client suffered from disabling symptoms, including auditory and visual hallucinations and paranoia. His history was significant for two attempts at suicide. He had a prior history of substance abuse but was maintaining his sobriety despite his precarious financial situation. Our client was receiving mental health care, but the burden of homelessness and lack of transportation made it difficult for him to get the care and support he needed.

Judge Remands Decision and Awards Six Years of Past-Due Benefits

After filing for Social Security benefits, the client contacted Neblett, Beard and Arsenault for assistance with his case. We appealed the denial of this decision to the Appeals Council and then to United States District Court. At that time, the Social Security Administration allowed applicants to refile after receiving an unfavorable decision at hearing level. Social Security on this second claim found him disabled and began making ongoing payments to the client.

Insofar as his initial claim was concerned, the federal judge remanded the prior judge’s decision for another hearing and decision. At this second hearing, the ALJ found in the Claimant’s favor resulting in the award of six years of past-due benefits—approximately $71,000. Our client also continues to receive his ongoing Social Security disability benefits. Due to this young man’s impaired mental state, his uncle was appointed to take charge of his funds.

All the while, the client was affected by the catastrophic flooding in Baton Rouge. The award in his case allowed him to overcome these housing challenges and seek a permanent place to live. He was able to move on with his life with appropriate healthcare and financial support and hopefully may be able to seek employment in the future.

The attorneys with Neblett, Beard & Arsenault take a genuine interest in their clients. While many people don’t meet with their Social Security attorney until their disability hearings, Attorney Barbara Juneau Mixon gets involved in cases from the moment clients call her. If you need one-on-one help with a Social Security disability case, or if you have questions about a denial, contact our law office today for a free case review with an experienced attorney. You can also call us directly at 800.256.1050.


Barbara Juneau Mixon
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