Logger Hurt by Falling Tree Settles Worker’s Comp Case

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In 2012, a 57-year-old man was working as a logger. He was cutting a tree at work one day, but his normal day’s work turned unexpectedly tragic when he was hurt in a serious accident. Instead of falling clear, the tree he was cutting fell on top of him, crushing his neck. He was transported to the hospital for emergency treatment of severe injuries to his neck and lower back.

In the hospital, the man was treated with a neck surgery, but he was under some restrictions after his release. The restrictions would prevent him from returning to work. With the severity of his injuries and continued limitations, he was able to collect workers’ compensation and Social Security (SS) disability benefits.

Neblett, Beard & Arsenault Helps Man Resolve Difficult Workers’ Compensation Case

A few years after the accident, the client’s doctor began talking about the possible need for another neck surgery. However, workers’ compensation was unwilling to pay for that surgery. The client contacted Attorney Edward “Ted” Roberts, of Neblett, Beard & Arsenault, because he was frustrated and ready to be done with the ongoing stress of dealing with the insurance company. For four years, he had been struggling to make ends meet with his benefits, and workers’ compensation only paid a portion of his prior wages. He was relying on his children for support, and it was a very difficult time for him.

After talking with the client, Ted helped him prepare the necessary evidence and documentation, explained what to expect, and kept the client updated as his case moved through the process toward settlement. The client’s case was complicated by the fact that he was receiving SS disability benefits, but Ted worked with Medicare and the insurance company toward a favorable outcome for the client and to resolve the case.

Ultimately, the client’s case resolved with a settlement of $223,000, which included a Medicare set-aside arrangement. The settlement set up an annuity that would take care of his future medical needs. The client was satisfied with the result and relieved that Ted was able to help him resolve his case and counsel him through a difficult time.

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