High School Senior Accidentally Shot by Friend

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Our client, a 17-year-old high school senior, was over at a friend’s house to socialize. At some point during that visit, the homeowner’s son brought out his father’s gun, and the gun was accidentally fired. Tragically, the gun was loaded at the time. The bullet hit our client in the chest, piercing one of his lungs. 

Young Man’s Injury Puts College Plans in Jeopardy

The boy was rushed to the hospital with the bullet still in his chest, and he required an initial surgery. Although he stabilized, he was in great pain and short of breath, especially during the first month of his recovery. Eventually, it was determined that a bullet fragment had remained embedded in his chest and worked its way around into his back. A second surgery was performed to remove the fragment and help alleviate his symptoms.

Although his recovery was underway, the family was still plagued with worries about our client’s future. Before the accident, the young man had dreams of going to college on a baseball scholarship. It was now clear that his injury and shortness of breath would prevent that dream from becoming a reality—and the additional financial strain on the family could prevent him from getting a college education entirely.     

The boy’s parents were overwhelmed. The families knew each other through their sons’ friendship, and there were several factors that complicated their case and made it very difficult for them to take any kind of legal action on their own, especially at a time when they needed to be focused on their son’s recovery. They decided to reach out to Attorney William Neblett at Neblett, Beard & Arsenault for help.

Neblett, Beard & Arsenault Helps Family Recover After a Tragedy

Attorney William Neblett worked closely with the family, counseling them throughout the legal process, so they knew what to expect. He deeply sympathized with the family and the terrible situation they were facing. He knew they needed help recovering through the legal system, and he wanted to work hard to make sure they had everything they needed. He immediately started investigating what happened, determining who was legally responsible for the accident, and helping the family deal with liens. After filing a case against the homeowner’s insurance company, he continued to work hard to support the family’s claims and show the far-reaching impact the accident had on their lives.

In all, their case settled for $305,000. The compensation gave their family a chance to pay off medical costs, move on with their lives, and pay for the young man’s college education, without depending on a scholarship.

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