Family Caretaker Suffers Severe Neck Injury in Car Accident

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Our client, a 70-year-old woman in retirement, was driving in the left lane of a one-way street. Another driver, a man from out of town, was traveling in the same direction in the right lane. The man had programmed the directions to a local restaurant into his GPS, and he was following those directions as he drove. As both vehicles neared an intersection with a cross street, the man followed the GPS directions to turn left across traffic. He collided with our client’s vehicle in the left lane, striking it with enough force to knock her car out of the lane and down a side street.

Neck Injury Interferes With Woman’s Ability to Care for Her Family

Our client suffered injuries to her neck and back in the accident, and her neck injuries were particularly severe. She was in a great deal of pain, and her injuries made it difficult for her to continue the usual activities of her daily life. At the time, she was caregiver for family members.

Our client’s doctors recommended she have surgery on her neck to help relieve her symptoms, but she did not feel she could afford the long recovery time when family members were relying on her support. She made the difficult decision to put off the surgery, at least until she could no longer bear the pain.

Our Law Firm Helps Woman Overcome Challenges in Car Accident Case

The woman knew about our law firm from our reputation in the community, and she reached out to Attorney William Neblett for help with her injury case. William answered her questions, addressed her fears, and went to work on her case.

Our client’s case basically had two parts:

  • A claim under her underinsured motorist coverage (UIM)
  • A claim against the other driver’s liability insurance

The accident involved an out-of-town driver, and the potential worth of her case was high. Because of these circumstances, the case against the other driver’s liability insurance was filed in state court but removed to federal court.

William talked with the client often, and he took time to help her understand what was happening at each step of her case. He focused firmly on her needs and preferences throughout the process, and he continued to negotiate on her behalf for a fair settlement.    

$305,000 Settlement Helps Client Return to Caring for Her Loved Ones

With William’s experience and negotiation skills on her side, our client’s case against the driver’s liability insurance ultimately settled in her favor. In the end, she received a total of $305,000 in compensation for her accident injuries, and she was relieved to move on with her life. The settlement meant she could pay for her own medical care and continue to care for her family. The neck surgery resolved the majority of her pain and other symptoms, and she was very happy with the outcome William helped her obtain.

William was also happy with the result and pleased that he could help his client move on with her life. “She is a very sweet woman,” he said, “and I was very grateful that she could get her surgery.”

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