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In February of 2011, a couple was in the car in Bossier City, on their way to pick up a child. The woman owned the car, but the man was driving at the time. Suddenly, a vehicle in the right lane swerved into their lane, and the man swerved left to avoid being hit. Unfortunately, he collided with a van in the left turn lane. The woman suffered injuries to her left arm, shoulder, and neck. The man suffered injuries to his left hand, left leg, and back. The vehicle that initially swerved into their lane left the scene, leaving the couple injured and with many unanswered questions.

Couple Turns to Neblett, Beard & Arsenault for Help After Multiple-Car Accident

Shortly after the accident, the couple contacted Attorney Mike Koch for help. The woman’s car had been totaled. Both were in ongoing pain from their injuries, and they were struggling financially to get the medical care they needed. Both clients were initially taken by ambulance to a local hospital emergency room for treatment, where they were treated and released. However, the woman suffered from ongoing headaches following the accident, prompting her to follow up with a doctor for treatment. The man also followed up with a doctor. Eleven months after the accident, he was still struggling with terrible back pain and went to the emergency room.

The insurance company initially denied the couple’s claim for compensation. The defense in the case said that the man was at fault and partly to blame for the accident. In fact, the insurance company moved to dismiss the case very early on. However, the attorneys with Neblett, Beard & Arsenault fought the motion and won, allowing the case to move forward. We began taking depositions, collecting statements from witnesses, taking photographs, and unraveling the many complicated issues and insurance questions in the case. Mike worked very closely with the clients and offered important support and guidance throughout the process.

Despite attempts at negotiation, the insurance company offered no compensation in settlement before the couple’s case went to trial. However, at trial, the Judge ruled that the vehicle that swerved into the lane was fully at fault for causing the accident, even though the true identity of the driver was never known, and our client was not at fault. The Judge ultimately ruled in our clients' favor, awarding a total of $24,289. This included compensation for the totaled car, the couple’s medical bills, and general damages.

Neblett, Beard & Arsenault Makes Sure Couple Receives the Compensation They Deserve

Even after the trial was complete, the insurance company continued to refuse to pay compensation to the couple. Instead, they appealed the case. Attorney Mike Koch counseled the couple through this post-trial complication, and the appellate court chose to affirm the lower court's decision, confirming the judgement in June of 2016. As a result, the insurance company was ordered to pay all court costs in addition to the original award to the clients.

Before their case resolved, our clients were having difficulties. They were in pain, unable to pay their mounting bills, and without transportation. The compensation they received in their case helped them get the medical treatment they needed, financially recover from the accident, get replacement transportation, and move on with their lives. Mike was very pleased he could help his clients in such a difficult time, and both he and the clients were totally satisfied with the outcome of the case.

The attorneys with Neblett, Beard & Arsenault understand how much any accident or injury can affect our clients' lives, and we know what a difference fair compensation can make. Working on this case, Mike said, "I just felt that the insurance company was wrong, and that it was important to fight to get justice for our clients."

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