Careless Driver Threatens Dad’s Ability To Care For Family

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It started out as a typical day for Jessie, father of two. He was headed to work and planned to drop his kids off at school on the way. Everything changed, however, when another driver—not paying attention to the road—rear-ended Jessie’s truck. Thankfully, no one was severely injured in the car accident, but Jessie suffered an injury to his shoulder, and both children were shaken up and had bumps and bruises. The worst part of it all, though, was Jessie’s sinking realization that the property damage to his truck was about to threaten his family’s future.

Damage to Truck and Equipment Interferes With Father’s Ability to Care for Ill Child

Jessie worked in the lawn maintenance business. He was used to working long hours—six or even seven days a week—to help provide care for his daughter with leukemia. He was no stranger to stress. However, one car accident was enough to change his life in an instant. The collision had severely damaged the truck, trailer, and commercial lawn equipment that he depended on to do his job and provide for his family. His daughter’s leukemia treatments were not covered by his health insurance, so his ability to work was directly tied to her ability to get the treatment she needed. Jessie knew he was in trouble, but he also knew exactly who to call about an unexpected tragedy.

Jessie reached out to us from the scene of the accident. Attorney Wes Gralapp helped him and his children calm down after the shock of the accident, and he talked them through the initial steps they would need to take to deal with what happened. After speaking with Wes, Jessie had complete confidence that Neblett, Beard & Arsenault would take care of everything, so that he could take care of his daughter.

Neblett, Beard & Arsenault Makes Sure Father Can Continue to Provide for His Family

We immediately went to work for Jessie, focusing on rentals, repairs, and replacement. We were able to help him quickly rent a truck and the necessary equipment, and he was back to work within 24 hours. Although his shoulder injuries were painful and kept him from performing his usual duties, he was able to get medical care and work in a supervisory role until he healed. Jessie was relieved to be able to get back to work almost immediately and to know his daughter could get the leukemia treatments she needed while Wes worked on the case.

The insurance company for the other driver responded to Jessie’s claim for compensation with a significant difference of opinion about the actual value of his equipment and costs of repair. Wes fought to make sure that Jessie was able to receive the compensation he deserved for the work he lost, medical treatment for his shoulder, medical evaluation and treatment for his children’s minor injuries, and the property damage he suffered. Working tirelessly on the family’s behalf, Wes was able to convince the insurance company to pay the true and accurate costs of Jessie’s losses. The case settled for $55,000, with a portion of the claim settling within four months. Everything Jessie lost was repaired or replaced, and Jessie and his children were able to pay for the medical treatment they needed.

Wes was glad he could help and said, “It was a good feeling for the lawyers at Neblett, Beard & Arsenault to help Jessie continue to work and be compensated for his injuries.”

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