Boy Receives Hearing Aids After Denial From Social Security

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Our client, a school-age boy, had been deaf since birth. His family faced financial hardship, and the boy was not covered by medical insurance and could not afford hearing aids. His mother filed an application for him to receive Social Security benefits, but the initial application was denied. The boy struggled to keep up with his hearing peers in school and in his daily life.

Family Contacts Neblett, Beard & Arsenault for Help With Social Security Case

The mother contacted Attorney Barbara Mixon, of Neblett, Beard & Arsenault, after her son’s Social Security application was denied. Barbara gathered his medical records and school records, and she obtained the needed documentation to fill in any holes or gaps in his records. She guided and supported the boy and his mother while they waited the many months for an appeal hearing. Knowing that clients are only given a short amount of time to present their evidence before the Judge, Barbara worked closely with the boy and his mother. She met with them and carefully explained what would happen, what to expect, and how they could present their testimony clearly and quickly in the limited time available.

The boy’s Social Security case moved on to an informal hearing before an administrative law judge. The boy’s mother was apprehensive about the appeal hearing, but Barbara reassured her throughout the process. The testimony at the hearing was credible and honest, and the Judge in the case was especially moved by the child’s testimony. When the Judge asked how he was able to get by in school without hearing aids, the boy testified that he “just followed the other children.”

The hearing resolved in the client’s favor, allowing him to receive an ongoing Social Security check and a Medicaid card. He was able to get the hearing aids he needed, and he was enrolled in a private school that offered better support for children with hearing disabilities. Both Barbara and the family were very satisfied with the result.  

Barbara has been helping people with Social Security cases for over 35 years. While Neblett, Beard & Arsenault does not normally take children’s Social Security cases, Barbara empathized with the boy and his mother and saw that they needed someone to walk them through the process. If you need help after a Social Security application is denied, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced attorneys for answers about your rights. Call us today at 800.256.1050.


Barbara Juneau Mixon
With over 3 decades of experience, Barbara Mixon helps clients with the Social Security Disability process.