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Imagine you were just in a car accident (for some you actually just were), it wasn’t your fault, your car is either totaled or it’s getting repaired, and now you’re asking the question how does everything work with obtaining a rental car after a car accident? You’re not alone with this question. In fact – this question is asked quite frequently because transportation after a car accident is a serious thing that needs to be resolved or it can make life even more difficult than what it already is after an accident. This article is designed to answer all of your rental car/car accident questions, if you still have questions that aren’t answered in this article, give us a call. We’re ready to talk.


Important Note – Every Insurance company is different along with their policies, therefore it’s vital to always be communicating with your insurance company after a car accident on your rental car options.

Am I Entitled To A Rental Car in Louisiana After  A Car Accident?

If you’re the owner of the car that was damaged and needs repairs because of the car accident and clearly you weren’t at-fault you have a strong chance of getting a rental car ‘paid-for’ by the at-fault drivers auto insurance company. It’s not as easy as it sounds and there are some of these things listed that you might have to prove:

  • Was the other driver at-fault? Is it obvious or questionable? Questionable can mean more of a hassle getting the rental car paid for.
  • Are the repairs clearly from the accident? With major accidents this can be obvious, but with small ones this can be a fight.
  • Are the stories matching up clearly between the drivers? Insurance companies just don’t hand out money. If there’s nothing questionable and the stories are matching up there’s a good chance the insurance company of the at-fault driver will cooperate.
  • Does the at-fault driver even have car insurance? If the driver doesn’t you’ll want to keep reading.

Be sure to communicate with your insurance rep after the accident to see what your entitlement options are.

What Is Rental Car Reimbursement Coverage?

Rental reimbursement coverage on auto insurance policies means the insurance company will reimburse you financially for the rental car charge after a car accident, regardless of who was at-fault. You’ll want to discuss the coverage option with your insurance company because some insurance companies will offer different minor details but for the most part this coverage will kill the hassle of getting a rental car after an accident.

If the other driver ended up being at-fault your insurance company will then receive the financial compensation that they paid to cover the rental after your car accident.

What Steps Should I Take In Obtaining A Rental Car After An Auto Accident?


Attorney Advice

The steps are very basic and standard after all car accidents. You’ll want to get the other driver’s insurance and contact information. Get the police report. Get as much evidence as possible from the scene and the vehicles by taking photos, writing down testimonies of witnesses, and documenting everything you remember. Then get the medical help. Get in touch with your insurance company. Once you’re in touch with your insurance company they’ll give you a good idea of your options for body shops, car rentals, and compensation. If you feel that you’re losing money in any way you’ll want to touch base with our attorneys.

Am I Able To Choose The Rental Car Company Of My Choice After A Car Accident?

This is completely up to your auto insurance company. Usually they have relationships set up, so you’ll want to talk with them.

What Are My Options With Renting A Car If The At-Fault Driver Wasn’t Insured?

What Are My Options With Renting a Car if the At-Fault Driver Wasn't Insured?

If you don’t have rental reimbursement coverage you’ll want to first talk with your insurance company, there’s a slight possibility they’ll pay for the rental car in this situation. If not, you’ll want to get with an auto accident attorney and discuss your options for retrieving money for the rental car and more. If the at-fault driver who wasn’t insured does have a job there’s a possibility you can have some of their wages garnished. Please note that it is more difficult to get larger amounts of money from at-fault drivers who aren’t insured.

How Long Does It Take After A Car Accident To Get A Rental Car?

If you have rental reimbursement coverage it can be as soon as you’re in touch with your insurance company. If you don’t have that coverage it can take time if you’re waiting on money from an at-fault driver’s insurance company. If you really believe the other driver is at-fault, and you don’t have rental reimbursement insurance, you can take the risk and rent the car immediately and just save the receipt and give a copy to the at-fault driver’s insurance company. If they don’t pay it you can connect with one of our attorneys and they can discuss the options you have to get that money back and more. Just remember, there’s a risk and chance you will not get the money back if it’s questionable on who is at-fault for the accident. Insurance companies don’t pay immediately and will often take a couple weeks because they want their claims adjusters to review everything.

Can I Pick Any Rental Car That I Want After An Accident?

This is another question that will depend completely on your insurance company or the insurance company of the at-fault driver. What will often happen is they’ll permit for you to get a car that’s an equivalent economic value and size.

How Long Do I Get To Keep My Rental Car After A Car Accident?

How long do I get to keep my rental car after a car accident?Most states will allow you to keep the car rental until you receive the check from the at-fault driver’s insurance company or until your car is fixed if it’s not totaled. Be sure to document all of your communication with your insurance company and to ask how long you can hold onto to the rental car.

Does The At-Fault Driver’s Auto Insurance Company Pay For The Rental Car?

The cost of the rental car is calculated into the cost of the accident. Once a driver is declared to be at-fault for the accident their insurance company will be responsible for covering the financial damages of the whole accident, which includes the rental car. If they don’t you’ll want to get with an attorney to learn about your options.

If The Other Driver’s Insurance Doesn’t Pay For The Rental Car – Will My Insurance Company Pay?

Who Pays For A Rental Car After An Accident?Sadly oftentimes your insurance company will not pay. It depends, so you’ll need to ask them. If the at-fault drivers insurance company is not paying for the rental car you’ll want to be in touch with an attorney and with your insurance company. This is where car insurance companies can be cheap so you’ll want a car accident attorney on your side. If you have rental reimbursement coverage usually your insurance company they will go after the at-fault driver’s insurance for the money.

If The At-Fault Driver’s Insurance Doesn’t Pay For The Rental Car Can That Be Included Into The Compensation Of The Lawsuit?

If the accident never happened you wouldn’t have to rent the car. Therefore, the rental car fees are a part of the damages that the car accident created.

Have You Been Injured In A Louisiana Car Accident?

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident you need to speak with an experienced car accident attorney as soon as possible. Please contact us online or call our Alexandria office directly at 318.541.8188 to schedule your free consultation.