Accidents have always happened ever since the beginning of time, and as long as humans exist they will continue to happen. Mistakes will be made, negligence will occur, and people will get injured.

However, overtime as personal injury lawsuits will be filed for the common and even those unique and rare accidents – businesses will get smarter and they’ll do a better job at protecting customers in the future. Common personal injury lawsuits will decline and they have been on the decline. In America, personal injury lawsuits saw a decline by 25% from the years of 1999 to 2008. Humans learn from mistakes when consequences are involved.

For instance, now, expect to see a yellow wet floor sign whenever an employee is mopping a floor and that’s because of years of In Alexandria, Louisiana, a warning sign marks areas that could cause slip and fall accidents.slip and fall personal injury lawsuits. You’ll even notice more warning labels. For some things you might see longer and more descriptive terms and conditions, just to protect businesses and consumers. Businesses are learning from personal injury lawsuits and they’re making internal changes to prevent the accident from happening ever again. Unfortunately – even when a business learns from those common and regularly occurring accidents, those rare and unique accidents will occasionally happen. If the victim know’s their rights it can lead to a personal injury lawsuit.

Personal Injury accidents that are rare aren’t always because of negligence but when they are it’s vital to get attorneys involved – due to many reasons. When you go with experienced attorneys, like our attorneys, you’ll get attorneys that have many years of experience with those unique and rare personal injury lawsuits. Experienced attorneys have dealt with a wide variety of cases over the years and they know the best decisions to make to help get you the compensation you deserve. Experienced attorneys are able to clarify the meaning of contracts. They’ll break down all of your options and will give you a solid recommendation. If you have been injured in an accident be sure to let us know, we will help and we will go the distance for you.

Rare Accidents That Result in Personal Injury Lawsuits

Product Manufacturer Malfunction Accidents

As Americans, we buy products all of the time, and for almost everything. Not all products have been thoroughly tested and this can result in injuries. This is how ‘recalls’ get started, a company learns the hard way that their product malfunctions and injuries buyers. With thousands of new products constantly coming out annually there is a possibility you might experience an injury from a product malfunctioning. The wisest thing is to always file a personal injury lawsuit because it can prevent many others from getting injured if you do it quickly.

Public Event Accidents

Safety is a focus anytime a public event is thrown, but that doesn’t mean events will always be safe. Back in 2011 a Giants fan was brutally beat up at Dodger stadium which ended up in a 17 million dollar personal injury settlement because the Dodgers didn’t provide the right amount of security or lighting that was needed. When you attend an event that’s open to the public you trust that the organizers will do everything possible to make the event safe. If you were injured at a public event there’s a possibility you might have a case.

Burn Injury Accidents

Coffee CupThese accidents can happen anywhere and to almost anyone. People usually don’t purposely burn themselves, it’s usually because something went wrong. On products warning signs are usually visible to display the burn possibility. The most famous case with a product burning a victim was the Liebeck V. McDonalds case. After Stella Liebeck received severe burns to her pelvic region after a McDonalds cup of coffee fell on her, it was discovered that the temperature of the coffee was well above average at 180-190 degrees. Stella was rewarded 2.86 million because of McDonald’s negligence. Now McDonald’s customers will be safer the next time they order a cup of coffee.

Pedestrian Injury Accidents

Hit and run LawsuitThese don’t happen often but when they do it’s painful for all the parties involved. These case rarely work out in favor for the drivers insurance company. Being injured by another vehicle is life changing, and results in all sorts of damages. If you have been hit be sure to contact us now.

Property Accidents

States and local municipalities implement city codes to protect the public from accidents. Unfortunately these codes have been disobeyed by some builders and real estate owners over the years. Once an accident takes place on a property and if it’s discovered that there was a violation to a city code it can result in a personal injury lawsuit if the victim chooses. This often happens with children. An example would be fences around pools, Pool Fence Injury Lawssome states like Florida, Arizona and California require that all pools be surrounded by a fence. If a child was to get injured in a pool and if it was discovered that there was no fence and parental supervision it can end up in a personal injury lawsuit. Make sure your property is obeying all of the property codes they’re set up to prevent injuries from happening.

Have You Been Injured Due To The Negligence Of Others?

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