Lafayette Fatal Pedestrian Accident Injury Attorney

According to NewsBreak, a 30 year old women was killed while walking in Lafayette today. Per the report, Shantel Simpson was walking when struck when trying to cross the road by a vehicle traveling northbound. She was thrown into the southbound lane, and then struck again by a second vehicle. Our law firm extends our condolences to the victim and her family. We are so sorry for this tragic loss.

Sadly, pedestrian related accidents tend to cause serious or fatal injuries. Being hit by a vehicle while walking, jogging, or simply enjoying the outdoors is horrific. If you’ve been hit by a car or truck as a pedestrian, or if you’ve lost a loved one, call our law firm. We provide a free, confidential consultation. Let a Lafayette fatal pedestrian accident injury attorney help you and your family fight for the financial justice you and your loved one deserve.

Our law firm has been helping pedestrian accident injury victims for over 40 years. We understand how insurance companies operate, and we know how to protect your best interest after an accident. Click here to learn more about our Lafayette personal injury attorneys or keep reading today’s law firm article.

Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyers in Lafayette – Know Your Rights as a Pedestrian 

The state of Louisiana has very specific laws that protect the rights of pedestrians. When people go out for a walk or jog, or take their children outside to play, they should feel safe. Driver’s are bound by law to follow rules that keep roads safe. When they break those laws, they create dangers that can harm others and themselves. Our law firm understands the rules and regulations pertaining to drivers, and pedestrians. Our Pedestrian accident injury lawyers in Lafayette can help you if you’ve been stuck by a vehicle while walking, jogging, or enjoying the outdoors.

Our accident lawyers understand the anxieties and stresses that come with injuries. That’s why we fight to protect you and we fight to get you the maximum amount of financial compensation possible. In the case of the tragedy that took place today, it may be possible for the victim’s family to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Learn more below, or click here to schedule a free consultation.

Filing a Wrongful Death Claim After a Loved One Has Been Hit by a Vehicle 

If you’ve lost a loved one, our hearts go out to you and your family. No amount of money, nothing in the world, can replace your loved one. However, if your loved one has young children or a family they are leaving behind, that family may need financial support. Our Lafayette pedestrian accident injury lawyers also understand the wrongful death laws in the state of Louisiana. We may be able to file a wrongful death claim, and obtain financial support for your family.

Now, wrongful death claims are very complicated. However, our law firm has been handling complex injury cases for over 40 years. Call us to schedule a free consultation to learn more about your rights.

Getting The Compensation To Recover Financially After Losing A Loved One – Call a Lafayette Wrongful Death Attorney Today 

The sudden and tragic loss of a loved one in an accident is devastating and leaves the family in deep mourning, wondering why and how the accident happened. When a person dies as the result of an act of negligence, the law allows the family to seek damages from the liable party or parties through a wrongful death claim or lawsuit filed in civil court.

A wrongful death case is essentially a personal injury case, but the injured person is no longer here to file the lawsuit and certain close family members have the right to do so. Call us right away to learn more about what we can do to help you and your family.