Accidents happen, and it’s not always your fault. Which – we are all human and most of us who have lived can understand that accidents happen, mistakes happen, because that’s part of life. If someone claims they’ve never made a mistake behind the wheel chances are they’re very young, or naïve. Now, if people or their insurance companies are willing to pay for those mistakes we are willing to forgive and move on in life (not all will but most), especially if no one was severely injured or killed.

Insurance Adjuster

The questions we ask are; did they pay the full price for the damages that came from the accident? What happens if they didn’t fully pay for all of the damages? Listed below are some items and things you should know about car accidents, and the potential options you can take. Read on and if you have more questions call us – our attorneys would like to talk to you and hear about your accident.

What You Should Know About Insurance Companies

You might be fully aware that insurance companies are profit driven but what you may not know is how they save money after an accident happens. Remember saving money can mean more profitability for these companies, so undercutting the accident victim can help with profits. Here are some things you should know:

  • They look for ways to claim their client wasn’t 100% at fault for the accident. This is where you’ll always want to discuss your accident with a car accident lawyer. Their claims adjusters (employees responsible for investigating the accident) do this all day, everyday. Whereas this might be your first accident. Know that they’re very skilled in finding ways to blame you for partial fault. For instance – say you were talking to a friend on the phone while the accident happened, even though that phone call had nothing to do with the accident they will push to see if anything you did with that phone call influenced one minor negative driving detail to place a little fault on you.
  • They don’t ask about bills from the accident, you have to report it. Oftentimes what will happen is they’ll send you a check after a week. It will cover what they believed the accident to cost. Medical bills and other expenses will come in a couple months later after the accident. Sadly, they get away with this because victims don’t consider filing a car accident lawsuit. You can always try going to them and asking them to pay up, if they don’t get in touch with our firm and we can investigate it further to notify you of your options.
  • They go off what they believe your car to be worth. You might have bought the car brand new a year ago but because you put a few thousand miles on it, along with the lost value with time, they will write you a check and there’s a strong chance that check will not cover the loan amount remaining on the car. This can be tricky to fight in court so you’ll want to consult with one of our good car accident attorneys to see if you have a case.
  • The evidence is not convincing – If the evidence is not convincing sometimes they will not even write a check to you. Evidence can be quite tricky with car accidents and proving fault, and occasionally they will not pay as much because they don’t believe the evidence proves fault or they don’t believe there’s enough evidence. In these situations you’ll always want to talk with an attorney.



  • Contact a lawyer – It’s your best option. With our firm the consultations are free. Lawyers know how insurance companies trick the system. Our attorneys have a deep understanding of car accident cases and they can let you know if you have a good case. In the free consultation they’ll even give you tips and thoughts on what the insurance company is thinking. Always a good option because it’s free and they’re professionals.
  • Work closely with your insurance company – This is not the greatest option because even your own insurance company is pushing to be profitable off of you. There is a possibility they’ll help you by contacting the other insurance company and they’ll ask for things to be changed. Don’t bank in this.

With car accidents you don’t have many options. If you don’t do anything about the lost money it will just be a loss. Be sure to stand up for yourself and protect your legal rights.


Car accident lawsuits may appear to be socially unacceptable, and may not be encouraged by friends and family. However, they set what is wrong, right. People truly experience damages after an accident, they aren’t just made up to get rich. If you experienced a damage in someway from an auto accident, and it wasn’t your fault – why should you pay the price? Imagine you do pay the price, what lesson does that teach the at fault driver? If the at fault driver doesn’t learn their lesson that can mean another person will experience the damages and pain you experienced. Car accident lawsuits can make the road safer. Justice deserves to be in the driver seat – get in touch with us if you have been in a car accident that needs attention.



Playing your cards right can help with car accident compensation. Here are some good tips –

First – Document everything after the accident. Even if you have to email it off of your phone. Have statements that the other driver said documented,etc. It’s easy to forget things when life picks up after the accident. If you document it right you’ll never forget.

Get Evidence –And get as much as you can. Witness testimonials, photos, police reports, anything and everything related to your car accident. The insurance company might ignore crucial evidence that you have and once they try to under pay you – you have a case to go after them to get more.

Be Strong to Insurance Companies – You have rights, stand up for them. They get away with paying drivers less all of time because drivers don’t do anything about it. Be bold and strong and don’t back down unless a good experienced attorney tells you to.

Hire a Good Experienced Car Accident Attorney – When someone works on car accident cases all day they have an idea of what to do. If they have the experience our attorneys have they know how to get the most compensation out of an accident. They know what it takes to have a great case. They’re worth it.

Have You Been Injured In A Louisiana Car Accident?

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