If you’ve never needed a lawyer before, you may think you can handle your car accident claim on your own. However, this is one time when a DIY approach can be a costly mistake.

Common Mistakes Made in Car Accident Claims

Even if your injuries are relatively minor and liability seems straightforward, there are a lot of unexpected obstacles to navigate in a car accident claim. Common mistakes people make when they forgo legal representation include:

You could accidentally admit fault.

Insurance adjusters are trained to pay as little as possible for each claim. The adjuster may ask misleading questions and twist your words to try and get you to admit fault for the accident.

You might underestimate your injuries.

It’s human nature to want to get better and back to normal as soon as possible. However, car accident injuries often heal more slowly than expected or lead to additional complications.

Your past injuries could be used against you.

Preexisting conditions don’t preclude you from seeking full car accident compensation, but it’s common for insurance adjusters to use them to claim your injuries weren’t actually caused by the car accident.

You don’t have access to all the evidence you need.

A personal injury attorney knows how to conduct a thorough investigation and gather expert witnesses to build a case.

You might accept an offer that’s too low.

What sounds like a lot of money at first might not be enough to fully compensate you for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. An attorney knows how to value your case based on your damages, available insurance coverage, and the strength of the evidence.

Your Health Should Come First

After a car accident, attending to your medical needs should be your top priority. When an experienced personal injury attorney is handling your case, you won’t be wasting valuable time trying to prepare paperwork and meeting court deadlines. You’ll be able to devote your full attention to your recovery.

Hiring an Attorney Is More Affordable Than You Think

If you’re worried about the cost of legal representation, you should know that personal injury attorneys accept cases on a contingency fee basis. There is no upfront expense because your attorney is paid a percentage of the final settlement as the fee for service.

Have You Been Injured In A Louisiana Car Accident?

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