Memory loss after a car accident should always be taken seriously, since this can be a sign of a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Individuals who’ve suffered memory loss following a car accident caused by another person’s negligence are entitled to compensation. Memory loss after a car accident Neblett, Beard and Arsenault.

About Car Accident Memory Loss

The signs of memory loss aren’t always immediately obvious. Someone with memory loss may have clouded or foggy thinking, trouble concentrating, difficulty remembering simple information, or feel unable to properly organize thoughts.

Specific types of memory loss associated with car accident injuries include:

Anterograde amnesia.

The most common form of memory loss following a car accident, anterograde amnesia means the injured person can’t form new memories for a period of time following the accident.

Post-traumatic amnesia.

Often appearing as simple confusion, this type of memory loss is characterized by the injured person not recalling memories immediately after the accident. This can be a total or partial loss of information.

Retrograde amnesia.

If an injured person can’t remember things that happened before suffering the TBI, this is known as retrograde amnesia.

Friends and family should be attentive to changes in mood, personality, and behavior following a loved one’s car accident. People suffering from memory loss are often embarrassed by their symptoms and will attempt to hide the problem instead of seeking help.

Seeking Compensation

Memory loss that is the result of a TBI following a car accident can create a significant financial burden. In addition to diagnostic tests, therapy, and other medical expenses, the victim may no longer be able to work or need to seek employment in a lower paying occupation. He may also struggle to complete household activities, parenting responsibilities, or hobbies that were once a source of great pleasure.

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