Labor Day Auto Accidents and When to Call an Alexandria Car Accident Attorney

Labor Day is nearly here. This holiday signals the end of summer, and most of us will be attending family events and BBQs this weekend. Sadly, not everyone celebrates responsibly. According to the National Safety Counsel, holidays prove time and time again to cause a massive spike in auto accident related injuries. This has a direct correlation with alcohol and other narcotics, and as such, many of the accidents during and after a holiday weekend end with fatalities.

Personal injury lawyer Wes Gralapp was interviewed on Good Day CENLA where he was asked to talk about holiday accidents. Take a look at the video below or call our law firm now. If you’ve been injured during or after the Labor Day holiday weekend, we may be able to help you. The consultation is free. Come learn more about Labor Day auto accidents and when to call an Alexandria car accident attorney.

Alexandria Auto Accident Injury Lawyers and Getting Paid What You Deserve After an Accident Injury 

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, and you’ve sustained injuries, you may want to talk to an attorney right away. While insurance companies spend billions on advertisements, and they claim to care about helping accident victims, that is not always the case. Insurance firms are trillion dollar financial agencies. They make money by collecting policy payments. In turn, they lose money by paying out on injury claims. The more money they have to pay out, the more they lose.

So, if you’ve been seriously injured, and you’re looking to obtain a large amount of money for your injuries, don’t be fooled to believe that the insurance company is going to “rush” to pay you. No, they are going to fight. They will look for any and all loopholes or ways the can either limit their financial exposure, or worse, wiggle out of paying you all together. Call our Alexandria auto accident injury lawyers now and learn more about potentially getting paid what you deserve after an accident injury.

Watch more of our car accident injury videos below, or call us at (318) 561-2500 now to schedule a free car accident injury case review. The call and consultation are free, and we we only get paid if we win money for you.

Schedule a Free Consultation with an Auto Accident Injury Attorney in Alexandria, LA

If you or a loved one have been injured in a car crash, call us right away. Don’t deal with an insurance company until you’ve talked to a personal injury lawyer. Remember, insurance companies have their own attorneys, and their job is to protect the best interests of the insurance company. Dial (318) 561-2500 now to schedule a free consultation with an auto accident injury attorney in Alexandria, LA today. Our car crash lawyers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Let us fight to protect your financial rights today after sustaining injuries in a car accident.