Why does my lawyer need my personal information?

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During an initial consultation, a lawyer will ask about the basic details related to your case. This includes when the accident happened, what injuries you suffered, and how your injuries are affecting your daily life.

Later in the process, he will likely ask for some information that is of a more personal nature. These questions might seem intrusive or irrelevant, but they are a necessary part of building a strong personal injury claim. Providing attorneys with personal information

Personal Information Your Lawyer Needs to Know

Your lawyer will ask about a number of issues that might seem embarrassing, but it's vital that you tell the truth. He may ask:

  • About your medical history. Your previous medical history is relevant because your lawyer must be able to prove that your injuries were caused by the accident and not the result of some other factor.
  • About any criminal record. A past criminal history may be used to argue that you are untrustworthy and, thus, either lying or exaggerating about your injuries.
  • About any drug or alcohol abuse. Substance abuse issues are part of your medical history and can also be used to attack your character.
  • About any financial problems. It's understandable to have some financial issues if an injury has affected your ability to work, but being deeply in debt before the accident might cause the insurer to argue you're being dishonest in hopes of a hefty settlement.
  • Divorce. A recent divorce or impending marital separation is significant because an angry spouse may provide testimony that casts you in an unfavorable light.

It's becoming quite common for insurers to use private investigators or check social media for information that can be used to help them avoid paying a claim. As much as you may want to protect your privacy, sensitive personal information will come out eventually. Being honest upfront gives your lawyer the best chance for damage control.

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