The Legal Difference - Wes Gralapp's Gumbo Recipe

Every Thursday, Neblett, Beard & Arsenault attorneys appear on a special segment of Good Day Cenla – The Legal Difference – to talk about frequently asked questions regarding legal matters, community involvement, and more! You can tune in to KALB every Tuesday at 11am CT to watch the show live. If you miss it, you can find all the episodes on our website, or check out our Facebook page!

On this week's special episode of The Legal Difference, attorney Wes Gralapp makes his family's famous gumbo, and shares an update on our Feed the Teachers program and Distracted Driving Sweepstakes. Wes grew up in Reserve, Louisiana, which is home to a special tradition of lighting bonfires along the Mississippi River each Christmas Eve to light the way for Papa Noel. Families bring their favorite ingredients and gather together to make a Christmas gumbo to be shared by all. Today, Wes shares that recipe with Mark Hamblen and cooks it on the set of Good Day Cenla. While the delicious ingredients simmer, Wes gives us an update on the firm's Feed the Teachers program. 821 teachers have been fed lunch, and $6,537 has been donated to the community organizations that have made those lunches. Wes is very enthusiastic about feeding 1,000 teachers in Rapides Parish before the end of 2019. Wes and the other attorneys have been delivering these lunches to schools all year, and they each enjoy the opportunity to show their appreciation to the educators in our community, and everything they do for our children. 

Wes also shares an exciting update on our Distracted Driving Sweepstakes. Wes explains that the most important part of the giveaway is to educate Louisiana drivers about distractions on the road. The interactive quiz has information on different types of distractions that you may not have considered, and how we can all do our part in ending distracted driving in our state. We have 60 Finalist spots left to fill for our drawing to win a brand new 2019 Chevy Cruze, and all you have to do to be entered for a chance to win is to complete the quiz on our website. Each week, we choose 5 finalists from the entrants, and if you weren't chosen you can continue to enter each week! The winner will be determined by the final score of the AFC Championship game aired on KALB on January 3rd. 

After Wes updates everyone on the sweepstakes, he wraps up the segment with sharing the family recipe that's close to his heart. He talks about how to make the right color roux (it can be tricky!), and the importance of using his favorite ingredient, Andouille sausage! Wes says that what makes his gumbo so special is the time and love that goes into making it, and of course having a perfect roux! He shares a few more tips on how to get your gumbo just right, and in traditional Louisiana fashion he ladles out a bowl for each KALB employee to come together and enjoy.

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