The Legal Difference - Tort Reform

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On this week's episode of The Legal Difference, attorney Wes Gralapp discusses tort reform and how it could affect our state. He starts by explaining what a tort is - an offense committed that doesn't rise to the criminal level but still causes harm to another, and so addressed in civil court. The question being asked by legislature is how torts should be addressed in court. Currently, a judge can hear your case up to $50,000 worth of claimed damages. Tort reform would reduce that threshold to $5,000, meaning that you would automatically get a jury trial for a claim of over $5,000 instead of $50,000. If the threshold was lowered to this amount, it could cause a serious backlog of cases that could affect the entire court system. Wes explains the potential hazards of lowering the threshold this severely, and how it could affect our state. He also discusses the potential change in the Statute of Limitations, and how it could impact you if you're ever in a car accident. Currently the Statute is at one year, and extending it could give citizens more time to go through the judicial process and deal with the insurance company. Wes wraps up the discussion with stating that he hopes each new proposal is considered with Louisiana residents in mind, so that we may all benefit from the best resolution possible. Wes will continue his talk next week, so stay tuned to The Legal Difference to hear more!


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