The Legal Difference - Steps After an Accident

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On this week's episode of The Legal Difference, attorney Wes Gralapp talks steps to take after an accident. Wes starts with the first thing you should do after an accident: stay calm, and check yourself and passengers for injuries, as well as the other driver if it's safe to do so. Wes stresses the importance of remaining calm so that you can use your best judgement, and call emergency services if others are injured. He also talks about moving your vehicle off the road, and recommends that you should do so as long as it's safe. Wes also reminds viewers of the importance of calling the police to the scene of the accident, and what to tell them when they arrive. He also lists the information you should gather at the scene, including witness contact information and photographs of the accident. He wraps up the segment by talking about the insurance company, as you are required to notified them of the accident.

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