The Legal Difference - Social Security Misconceptions

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On this week's episode of The Legal Difference, attorney Barbara Mixon shares some common misconceptions about Social Security Disability. On misconception is that the people on Social Security Disability don't deserve it because they are still working, and Barbara is quick to state that's not the case. People receiving benefits can still work if they are physically able, and that does not exclude them from benefits. Some going through the process believe they don't have to hire an attorney - and while that is true, Barbara confirms that the application process is lengthy and very complicated, and having an attorney on your side can greatly ease that burden. In fact, Barbara's success rate is 80% with her clients! One of the biggest mistakes Barbara sees is people who give up after they've been denied. She wants those filing to know that you can appeal that decision, and you can call her at any time with any questions about the process.

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