The Legal Difference - Process of a Litigation, Objections

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On this week's episode of The Legal Difference, attorney Mike Koch talks about objections during a litigation. He explains what an objection is, what types of things you can object to, and the judge's role in objections. He talks about how both sides can make objections, and how it doesn't just happen in the court room. Objections can also be made before trial, which gives the judge time to do their research and carefully consider the objection before ruling on it as opposed to a quick judgment when an objection is made when trial is in session. Objections must also be made correctly, and there are several things that an attorney may object to such as relevancy, subsequent remedial measures, written discovery, and ensuring proper questioning. Objections are very important in a trial, and Mike says a good lawyer knows when to object and how to do it correctly, as it can it can help win your case.

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