The Legal Difference - Holiday Safety Tips

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On this week's episode of The Legal Difference, attorney Wes Gralapp shares some important safety tips to be mindful of when enjoying the holidays with friends and family. He starts with some general car safety tips, and reminds the audience to check tire pressure and tread, oil, and brakes before traveling. He also reminds everyone to use tepid water, not hot, when defrosting your car window quickly or it could crack. Wes touches on fog safety next, and says that you should never use high beams when driving in fog, or the beams could reflect against the water droplets and make it even more difficult to see. Drive slowly and carefully if it's foggy outside, and use the right-hand curb line to guide you in low visibility conditions. This also applies to icy or stormy weather, and Wes talks about the importance of making sure your car is safe to be on the road in case you must drive in bad weather. Christmas trees may also be a holiday hazard, and you should keep them away from heat sources like space heaters or the fireplace to avoid it igniting accidentally. It's also important to be safe with holiday lighting, and never plug in more wattage than your power strips can handle. Turkey fryers can also cause injury, and Wes cautions everyone to follow the instructions on the box, paying attention to warnings about not using a partially frozen turkey and wearing proper protective gear. Wes' big tip for frying a turkey is to submerge it in water first, so that you know how much oil you'll need to use. He also mentions pet safety, and tells viewers to keep furry friends away from holiday plants such as holly and mistletoe as they can be toxic if ingested. Finally, he talks about toy safety, and to inspect each toy for small parts that could be a choking hazard for young children. He wraps up the segment by wishing everyone a safe and joyful holiday season!

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