The Legal Difference - Distracted Driving School Winner

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On this week's episode of The Legal Difference, University Academy of Cenla Director DeEtte Loyd talks about what it meant for her school to win the distracted driving quiz prize, and how they plan to utilize the new Chromebooks for their students. Ms. Loyd discussed the extra credit incentive they used to encourage their students to take the quiz, and the importance of learning to be a more focused driver on the road for all of the students and teachers. She also talked about how these Chromebooks will a huge help to students who don't have regular access to a computer, and how they can be utilized to help these students learn in an online setting where they may otherwise not have had access to their classwork. Ms. Loyd also discussess how these computers can further help students who may be unable to attend school in the fall and need continued assistance with access to online learning tools. Our firm is proud to have been a part in helping University Academy of Cenla further the education of their students, and we wish each student and faculty member a happy and safe school year!

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