The Legal Difference - 18 Wheeler Safety

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On this week's episode of The Legal Difference, attorney Wes Gralapp shares some tips on how to safely and courteously share the road with 18-wheeler and delivery truck drivers. The holidays are here, and with it comes more trucks on the road, making special deliveries to residents and stores. Wes talks about the importance of giving big trucks plenty of space when driving to ensure the drivers see your vehicle. 18-wheelers have large blind spots, so it's important to stay visible when merging, changing lanes, or passing a big truck. Staying alert in residential areas is also important according to Wes. Local delivery trucks are making lots of stops at homes this time of year, and tight roads may mean they're forced to park on a narrow shoulder. You should use caution when approaching a stopped truck, and keep an eye out for the delivery driver who may be on foot taking a package to the door. Finally, Wes warns to be careful during icy winter conditions. It takes longer for big trucks to stop especially when the roads are slick, so brake slowly, be patient, and give them plenty of time to stop.

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