Learn How A Rear End Car Accident Vicitm Found The Help And Trust She Needed From Attorney Wes Gralapp.

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I had a car accident, I was hit from behind at a stop sign and it was ok at that time, but when I got home, and I realized it was about ten o'clock that night, when I went to go take my shower I couldn't reach. That wasn't normal, so I said, well, maybe it's just sprained. So I waited, you know. 

Went to the doctor the next day. I kind of wasn't thinking about attorneys or anything. The only time that made me think of an attorney was when the driver of the vehicle who hit me didn't know if he had insurance or not.  

My fiancée said call Neblett, Beard and Arsenault, they're the best, and so I did, and Wes (Gralapp) has helped me a lot. He sent me to one of the best doctors, sent to me a surgeon, he was great, and then therapy. Therapy has helped me a whole lot. 

When people are looking for somebody to represent them or to handle their case it's that trust that we have to have to know that they're there for you. 

So we finally ended up building a relationship, we didn't have that at first, and a lot of people need that if you're going to have someone represent you, especially here at Neblett, Beard and Arsenault, you're going to need that person there.

After I worked with Wes, I was able to trust him, know that he had my back, and whatever he said, was what it was. I'm greatly appreciative for what I've received.

I would recommend Neblett, Beard and Arsenault to my friends, family, customers. 

If you want someone you can trust, you need to call Neblett, Beard and Arsenault. 318.561.2500.