He treated me like family, he really did.

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I was in an accident and decided to try Neblett, Beard and Arsenault. Everything was great from the start to the finish. Some people get your cases and stuff and you don't hear from them, you've got to run them down. I didn't have to do any of that with Mike (Attorney Michael Koch), I didn't. Actually, he ran me down. To me, he was more concerned about my health, you know, that's what I got out of it, you know, it wasn't about the money really, it was about me, as a person, and not only that, you know, my family. It wasn't just about me, he would ask about my family.

I didn't recieve any preferential treatment. I kind of felt like I did because, you know, I mean,  he really treated me special.

It went beyond just him handling my case. He got interested in my son playing football. He also had a son that played football, and Mike would call once a week and ask how did he do? 

He treated me like family, he really did. I mean whenever I needed to call him, whenever I said, Ok Mike, I need to see the doctor when I actually was scheduled to see him maybe a week before I had to go see him he would set it up so I go see him. Mike showed me that he cared and that was enough, and to this day it's still enough.

I got back to basically the things I love to do. Fishing. Cooking.

I didn't have any problems, none. I was satisfied with everything that took place. I wouldn't go anywhere else.