NBA Attorney Wes Gralapp Recieves Heartfelt Thank You From A Young Family Folllowing A Tragic Car Accident.

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I actually met Mr. Wes (Gralapp) at the hospital. He was very different than most lawyers. Of course I wanted to wait on my husband, because he was unable to make decisions at that point. 

You know, but then we came home and Aaron met Wes. We just really liked him. He cared more than most people. It was just like "Hey, you're a client and I want your money", it was like, he cared and he wanted the best for everybody involved.

He was fantastic, because we're young, we had no idea about anything. He always explained everything, and made sure we understood it and what it meant, and that was very helpful. He was there if we had a question, he was there if Aaron needed to talk or we needed to cry. He listened to everything. Hands down he is the best. He has a heart, a big heart. And he cares more than most people and I think that's the biggest thing, that we weren't ever just a client, it was more like we were family. Even to this day I know we could call up here and he would help us anyway we could.

I was doing my deposition and somebody went before me and I remember going into Wes' office and I was like "I can't do this". I remember freaking out, crying. I was like I just want to go home. I remember Mr. Wes was like "It's ok, you can do this", it was like an immediate calming, it was just like ok, and he just did this all through the case. He was there to pick you up when you felt like you couldn't go, and that's what makes him so much better than anybody else, because he puts his heart in it. 

Nobody can change what happened, and nothing is ever going to make that go away or get better, but he made sure we were taken care of to the best we could be. With everything, we have to live life now. 

Just great! I could call him a hundred times a day and they were fantastic, just outgoing and very helpful.

You know, it was a bad process, the whole thing, but Wes and his staff made it easier if that makes sense. They did, they just helped in any way they could, not just by helping us fight but just helping Aaron emotionally. I would definitely recommend Wes to friends and family. 

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