NBA Attorney Wes Gralapp Helps Car Accident Vicitm With Compassion And Care.

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My daughters and I were going to the grocery and this truck slammed into the side of our vehicle. 

My pastor actually recommended Mr. Wes and I trust my pastor. He introduced us to Mr. Wes (Attorney Wesley Gralapp). The main thing he wanted was us for to feel comfortable and just to trust him, and every time we call Wes he either returned our call or got back in touch with us. He always made sure he took care of us. He told us everything that needed to be done and when I had a doctor's appointment he'd check on me to make sure that I knew I had a doctor's appointment, the time and what to expect.

He also, you know, catered to our needs, if we need anything, even if it's just to call and talk to him, he would make himself available, and he did. So we started trusting him, cause our trust factor's not very big doctors and lawyers, but he made us feel very comfortable.

We have five children and three are still living with us. We didn't know how we were going to make it from one day to the next. There were avenues that he led us through in order to get us help as well. I called him and I told him I've just about had enough of everything, and he'd talk to me for at least 35 minutes of his time and I know Mr. Wes is a busy attorney, so therefore, that means a lot when your attorney will call you back, when he'll sit down with you, when he'll talk to you, when he'll encourage you. He told me that the outcome is going to be good for me if I was able to continue. His main thing was to make sure I got my physical health back on track. He was always there to support us in every way that we needed support. 

It always stressed me out just to know that I had to go to the doctor for any type of procedure, but he comforted me during that time as well.

Satisfaction. We're one hundred percent satisfied. He's concerned about your well-being. It's not just a number when you're dealing with Wes Gralapp. 

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Tony B.