Attorney Mike Koch Helped A Car Accident Get The Settlement She Deserved.

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The lady did not see me so she hit me. She was doing 50 miles per hour. We pulled over into the road and she was so shaken up I really felt sorry for her. I didn't feel like I was hurt or anything but the car was sure bad.

I had no intentions of doing anything other than filing our claim and having my vehicle fixed. I didn't have any idea that I was injured. In a few days it did show up that I had a very severe whiplash. I was in a great deal of pain. I made the attempt to contact their insurance company of course after notifying mine. Weeks and they never returned my telephone call. 

So I, in desperation, went to my friend Mike Koch, who I know from church and who I trust. He said "Don't worry about it, Gaye, I got this". 

And after that I really didn't worry about it anymore. He made sure I had the kind of vehicle that I could drive. He allowed me to keep it the length of time it took to repair my vehicle, which it was really an extra ordinary long time. The day my vehicle was ready I had to drive down in my rented vehicle to pick it up and he met me down there. He made sure that I was feeling alright and that everything went well.

He was there to help me with anything that I needed, with reassurance more than anything.

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