Drug Company's Taxotere Linked To Permanent Hair Loss

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Have You Been Administred Taxotere In Your Cancer Treatments?

Taxotere, also known as Docetaxel, is a drug used to treat across a wide range of cancers. This includes breast, lung, prostate, stomach, head, and neck cancers. However, it can cause alopecia, which is known as permanent hair loss.

Taxotere is manufactured by Sanofi-Aventis. It is administered through an IV during one-hour infusion cycles that are repeated every 3 or so weeks. Taxotere was approved for breast cancer in May 1996; the latest FDA approval was for head and neck cancer in October 2006.

Sanofi-Aventis knew the side effect of permanent hair loss was a possibility, but chose not to disclose that to patients. It was not until 2015 that the FDA required Sanofi-Aventis to change their labeling and include a Black Box Warning for permanent hair loss. Since approval of the drug, Sanofi-Aventis misrepresented the safety and efficacy of Taxotere. They even received a warning letter from the FDA in 2009 regarding the overstatement of efficacy.

Given that Sanofi-Aventis did not properly warn U.S. patients, many people have suffered from alopecia that could have been avoided. If you or your loved one suffered permanent hair loss after Taxotere use, you may be entitled to a claim against the manufacturer Sanofi-Aventis.

Have You Or A Loved One Been Negatively Impacted By Taxotere?

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