NBA Law Sponsors Sugarhill Festival For Third Straight Year

For the third year, Neblett, Beard and Arsenault sponsored the Sugarmill Music Festival. The 3-day festival takes place at the historic Rosalie Plantation in Alexandria, LA. The main stage is set up inside the sugarmill, and this year featured several wonderful performances:
Hachidori Duo
NBA Sponsors Sugarmill Festival
Rose City Trio
New Music on the Bayou
Ajero Family Piano
Caplan and Strings
Metamorphosis Quintet
Rosalie Piano Trio
The firm-sponsored concert featured Jay Kacherski, guitar, and Linda Morita, piano on Saturday night just prior to the Stephen Caplan feature concert. The festival also included a meditation labyrinth, and architectural tour, visual artists, and various outdoor activities. If you would like to learn more about Sugarmill Festival, you may visit their website here.
NBA Sponsors Sugarmill FestivalNBA Sponsors Sugarmill Festival