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River Accidents

River accidents like these overturned boats often occur in Louisiana rivers.

The rivers and waterways around New Orleans and throughout the state of Louisiana flourish with commercial activity. Barges, dredges, tug boats, fishing boats and other commercial vessels ply the Mississippi River and the state’s other navigable rivers as they move goods from the Gulf of Mexico into the heartland of our nation.

This abundance of commercial activity sometimes carries a high cost for those injured on the job trying to make a living on the water. They face the potential for life-altering injuries on the job, from a slip and fall on a wet deck to a direct hit by a crane or other heavy equipment as they move cargo. Negligent behavior by their fellow workers or employers can also be at fault in catastrophic and sometimes fatal workplace accidents.

Those injuries may fall under maritime law, which regulates commerce and navigation on the high seas or other navigable waters, including Louisiana’s inland lakes and rivers. Those laws cover individuals who are injured on a boat as a crew member or a passenger, as well as longshoremen and many other individuals hurt on a boat or dock. For more information, see our Maritime Law Page.

Maritime law is a complex legal area that combines state and federal laws and treaties. If you have been seriously hurt in a Louisiana river accident involving crew boats, supply boats, tugs or barges, immediately contact the Louisiana Maritime Law injury law firm. Every Louisiana citizen has legal rights, and our role is to protect them. We serve all the beautiful cities of Louisiana, whether if you’re a Baton Rouge resident – or a Monroe, Louisiana resident, we got you covered. Get in touch with us.

We have represented maritime workers and their families in maritime personal injury and wrongful death cases involving offshore drilling rigs, crew boats, supply boats, barges, and helicopter crashes for more than 30 years. Our lawyers have successfully resolved admiralty and maritime disputes for hundreds of clients injured in personal basket transports, derricks, drilling rigs and tug boats, and have helped families get through the tragic death of a loved one from violent explosions on work barges and helicopter crashes in the Gulf of Mexico.

Our lawyers have the resources and talent needed to receive high amounts of compensation for a legal case in the state of Louisiana. We don’t hire attorneys that don’t know how to go the distance in a legal case. We look forward to the day we get to serve you. Our ability to collect evidence and examine cases are what make us great as a firm. We know what evidence offers the most value in a river accident case, it’s a part of what makes us very competitive river accident lawyers.

From Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Lake Charles, Monroe, Lafayette and Alexandria, Neblett, Beard & Arsenault has helped people all over Louisiana who have been hurt or unfairly treated.

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