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A young researcher examines cancer cells with a medical microscopeYou’ve been diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma. Right away, you know a few things. You know that you have been diagnosed with a serious form of cancer, and you know that you need to learn more about how to protect yourself and your family.

However, not every form of mesothelioma is the same. It is important to understand your own diagnosis, prognosis, and plan for the future. If you have been diagnosed with epithelioid mesothelioma, then you can begin getting the information that you need right here.

Epithelioid Mesothelioma Explained

Epithelioid mesothelioma is both the most common type of mesothelioma and the easiest to treat. Yet you should make no mistake about it: it is a very serious form of cancer.

Epithelioid mesothelioma cells develop in the mesothelium lining—not in the connective tissue. Epithelioid mesothelioma cells have a distinctive egg shape with visible nuclei that doctors can identify from a biopsy.

However, not all epithelioid mesothelioma diagnoses are the same. There are several subtypes of this kind of cancer. Different subtypes may be treated differently. Thus, it is important to talk to your doctor about whether you have adenoid, small cell, cystic, papillary, or deciduoid mesothelioma and about the treatment options and prognosis for your specific form of epithelioid mesothelioma.

Epithelioid Mesothelioma Is Almost Always Caused by Asbestos Exposure

Almost all cases of epithelioid mesothelioma are caused by asbestos exposure. People who are being diagnosed with epithelioid mesothelioma today were exposed to asbestos 20 to 50 years ago or longer. If you or a loved one worked with asbestos in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, or 1980s, then it is important to know that epithelioid mesothelioma is a health risk for you. You may have been exposed to asbestos because of your job as a(n):

  • Asbestos miner.
  • Asbestos textile worker.
  • Construction worker.
  • Electrician.
  • Oil refinery worker.
  • Plumber.
  • Shipbuilder or shipyard worker.
  • Worker in another field.

Additionally, you may have been exposed to asbestos in your home if:

  • Asbestos fibers were inadvertently brought into your home by a family member who worked with asbestos. The fibers that came home on someone’s clothing could have exposed the rest of the household to the health risks presented by asbestos.
  • The insulation used in your home contained asbestos and wasn’t appropriately covered. Decades ago, asbestos was commonly used in the insulation of homes. Insulation that was not covered correctly exposed people to asbestos in their homes.

If you have been exposed to asbestos in any of these ways or in any other way, then it is important to know that chest pain, difficulty breathing, and abdominal pain may all be symptoms of epithelioid mesothelioma that should promptly be reported to your doctor.

The High Cost of Treating Epithelioid Mesothelioma

It is easier to treat epithelioid mesothelioma than it is to treat sarcomatoid mesothelioma. However, epithelioid mesothelioma is a very serious disease that requires extensive and expensive treatment. It is important to get prompt treatment because epithelioid mesothelioma tumors may grow quickly, although they do not spread or metastases as quickly as some other forms of mesothelioma.

Treatments for epithelioid mesothelioma may include:

  • Chemotherapy.
  • Radiation.
  • Extrapleural pneumonectomy surgery.
  • Pleurectomy with decortication surgery.
  • Cytoreductive surgery.
  • Immunotherapy.
  • Gene therapy.
  • Clinical trials.
  • Palliative care.

All of this can extend your life or make you more comfortable. However, it is expensive—and even with health insurance all of your costs may not be covered. The full cost of your treatment, including clinical trials and travel expenses, can be included in your legal recovery along with other damages.

Be Prepared for Whatever the Future Brings

Your prognosis will depend on many factors that should be discussed with your doctor. While the five-year survival rate for mesothelioma is currently low, treatment may extend your life and medical researchers are working to develop better screening techniques and treatments that could extend your life.

As you work hard to save your life by complying with the treatment plan set forth by your medical team, it is also important to protect your financial future and your family. It can usually be determined that asbestos caused your epithelioid mesothelioma. Therefore, you may have the right to recover damages in a lawsuit that will not only compensate you for your medical expenses, but also for your lost income, pain, suffering, and other damages. By pursuing a legal claim, you can gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your family is taken care of financially.

Our mesothelioma lawyers want you to know your options so that you can make the informed decisions that you need to make to care for yourself and your family. Our lawyers work on a contingency fee basis—which means that we don’t get paid by you until your legal claim is settled. Thus, you have nothing to lose—and potentially much to gain—by contacting us. Please call us or reach out to us via this website today to set up an initial meeting at your convenience, and together, we can create a plan for your future.

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