What is the end goal or best possible outcome of the Opioid Litigation?

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The Opioid Litigation is unprecedented and brings with it uncharted waters in terms of expectations concerning the best possible outcome. 

The end goal or best possible outcome of the Opioid Litigation is to result in some sort of financial resolution, whereby a large pot of money (paid for by the corporate defendant opioid manufacturers, distributors and retail pharmacies) can be spread out amongst the thousands of claimants and plaintiffs to help manage and curb the opioid crisis on both the national and local level. 

These monies can help state and local entities to mitigate or abate about the public nuisance of the opioid crisis by funding opioid abuse and dependency awareness programs, funding treatment and community outreach programs, and replenish or recoup lost resources caused by the opioid crisis; as well as make private entities such as hospitals and private healthcare companies whole for the financial losses sustained as a result of the opioid crisis.

Dustin C. Carter
Attorney Dustin Carter is a member of Neblett, Beard & Arsenault's Mass Tort and Complex Litigation Group.