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Our client, a 41-year-old man, was making a delivery at a warehouse for his employer. While he was there, he tried to maneuver a loaded dolly up a curb. As he did so, he felt immediate and severe pain in his lower back. When he was examined by his doctors, he learned that he had severely injured his back.

The client was in pain, limited in his movement, and unable to return to the same job. However, he continued to follow up with his medical treatment and began receiving workers’ compensation benefits.

Stress and Financial Pressures Motivate Client to Seek a Workers’ Compensation Settlement

The client contacted Attorney Edward “Ted” Roberts very soon after his injury. Since he was unable to work, he was having financial troubles. He was married and had children, and he was very motivated to get back to some kind of work. He needed money, and he was ready to find any kind of work he could do to help ease the financial burden. He was frustrated by the limitations of the workers’ compensation system, and he wanted to be free to move on with his future.

Ted listened to the man and sympathized with his frustrations. He and the client decided that working toward settlement would help him reach his goal of returning to suitable work while continuing his medical treatment.

Man Relieved to Be Free of Workers’ Compensation Frustrations

Ted’s experience with workers’ compensation cases was evident as he prepared the “nuts and bolts” of the case and helped the client understand what to expect from the process. Ultimately, the client’s case settled for $70,000, which included his medical expenses and lost wages. The client was relieved and happy with the result. The resolution of his workers’ compensation case meant that he was now free to seek employment on his own and meet his financial obligations.

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