Woman in Pain and Unable to Work After Rear-End Collision

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In April 2010, our client was seriously hurt in a rear-end collision on Highway 171 in Leesville, Louisiana. She was waiting in a line of traffic that had stopped, and a truck approached from behind, driven by an on-duty employee of a pest control company. The truck did not stop and collided with our client’s vehicle, causing very serious injuries and extensive damage to the back of her vehicle. The driver of the pest control truck had been looking away from the road at the time of the accident, and he was ticketed by police for following too closely.

Back and Neck Injuries Cause Long-Term Pain and Inability to Work

Our client was very seriously hurt in the wreck, and she required multiple surgeries for injuries to her neck and back. These surgeries included placement of screws and hardware. The client also suffered with some post-surgical complications with infection and wound drainage. Along with the surgeries and surgical consultations, she also needed many follow-up appointments to monitor the progress of her recovery.

Our client, even post-surgery, continues to have ongoing issues with pain. The pain limits her ability to function and engage in the normal daily activities she had performed before the accident, even with pain-management treatment. Our client had largely been employed in manual heavy labor and fast-food positions in the past. In a comprehensive vocational rehabilitation evaluation, the doctor concluded that she is not a viable candidate for vocational training or academic degree programs, and that she was indefinitely unable to work.

Neblett, Beard & Arsenault Helps Client Settle Her Truck Accident Case

The client was out of work and struggling with her injuries and medical bills after the accident. She contacted Neblett, Beard & Arsenault, to help her with her injury case. He immediately started investigating her case and filed a lawsuit on her behalf. To help get answers and support her claims, we talked with law enforcement officers, as well as other experts. Over the course of her case, we deployed numerous experts, including accident reconstructionists, mechanical engineers, vocational rehabilitation experts, economists, and others. We made sure the client was as comfortable as possible, and he made sure her everyday needs were being met until he could resolve her case.

Ultimately, the client was able to recover compensation for her injuries and the impact on her life. Her case settled in mediation for $700,000, which included her lost wages, medical bills, and lost earning capacity. Both the firm and the client were satisfied with the result. 

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