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In May 2003, our client was driving on a busy interstate highway in Louisiana. She turned onto an off ramp, and she came to a stop while waiting for traffic to pass at the exit. Another driver approached her from behind and did not come to a stop. The driver instead rear-ended our client’s car as she was waiting in traffic, and our client was very seriously hurt in the car accident.

Client Suffers Severe Injuries and Is Unable to Return to Work

Our client sustained severe and disabling injuries to her head, neck, shoulder, arm, and hands. Her neck injury was particularly severe and was responsible for much of the pain and limitation she experienced in her daily life after the accident. The client received ongoing medical treatment for her injuries, and she eventually underwent a neck surgery recommended by her doctors.

Beyond adding the burden of costly medical bills, the accident also jeopardized the client’s future ability to provide for herself financially. Before the accident, she had just started a promising new job as a salesperson. Now, with her injuries and limitations, she was unable to return to work.

Neblett, Beard & Arsenault Helps Client Reach Her Legal Goals

The client reached out to Attorney William Neblett to talk about her case. They discussed her options together, and William helped her file a personal injury claim against the driver’s insurance company. To help support her case, William obtained relevant medical records, employment documents, and other evidence. He brought in economic experts to help calculate her potential earnings and support her claims for lost wages.

With William’s experienced help, the client’s case settled for $350,000 before going to trial, and the client was pleased with the result. With her case resolved and legal goals met, she would have the compensation she needed to recover as fully as possible from the accident.

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